Why we’re here 


Our Objective.

Our objective is to create a space where questioning the norm is the norm. We want to cut the isolation and loneliness that stems from the burden of expectation laid on us by media and modern society, and to instead embrace the dualities that make for a true and honest portrayal of life - positives and negatives, highs and lows, successes and failures.

The hope is to create a movement that spreads awareness that the world is navigable; that we don’t have to be scared, we don’t have to be lonely, and we don’t have to succumb to big business nor social pressures. Instead, we can refocus our values with new perspectives to make healthier life choices.

Encouraging Individual Action


From this…


…to this


Our Way

Project Be is dedicated to leveraging expertise and evidence-based science to reveal the true complexities occurring beneath the surface of daily life.It further evaluates their impact on our personal wellbeing and provides new perspectives and tools to help individuals understand themselves and their ever evolving relationship with society. 

Our campaigns include podcasts, live meet ups, fireside chats, seminars and guerilla marketing to spread awareness and understanding of the reality beneath the reality. Through this understanding we can learn to be better at being human, better at being ourselves, better at relating to others – we can learn to be….

Our Values

Project Be is built on a foundation of four values:

eager to expose ourselves to new ideas and perspectives 

able to relate to others, listen to and share their feelings, and be sensitive to cultural differences

extremely thorough, exhaustive, and accurate in assessing the science and data of insights

driven to address challenges in a new and unusual light to insight conversation and enable action