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Local Opinion: Grandparents, children and the importance of boredom - Opinion

By Renée Schafer Horton

Parents today are constantly pressured to keep their children entertained. This really ramps up during summer when parents fear that every second of a child’s life must be “enriched” or he’ll wind up on a therapist’s couch or joining a circus.

But it’s impossible to be entertaining 24/7. Worse, it results in children who expect life to be all unicorns and rainbows and become whiny, anxious, device-addicted kiddos when they discover that it is not.

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The Importance of Boredom

Medium - The Startup

By Varun Penamatsa

“I’m bored”.

I’d learned to associate statements like this with negativity, but today boredom has become something I celebrate.

Our beautifully over-stimulated culture, which places such emphasis on “productivity”, often makes it difficult for us to be okay with not doing anything.

But boredom, or rather time spent not actively doing, is vital to our well-being.

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