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How (And Why) to Build Some Boredom Back Into Your Life


By Clay Skipper

Remember when you were a kid and you used to say, “Mom, I’m booored,” and she’d tell you to go entertain yourself? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you weren’t as whiny as me. Or maybe you were born sometime in the last two decades(ish), and had a childhood that perpetually involved a screen. But there was a time before the iPhone (and after the Industrial Revolution, which, really, gave birth to leisure time) when we humans desperately tried to avoid the dark embrace of boredom. Having nothing to do meant spending time alone with your own thoughts. Which: Ew.

Can I Let My Child Be Bored?

Psychology Today

By Nancy Colier LCSW, Rev.

Perhaps the most common question I get in all my talks to parents and families around the country is What should I do when my kid says he’s bored and I don’t want to give him the device? 

Just this week, a mom told me that her son is always asking her What’s next? I’m bored, what should I do next? This mom, like most parents these days, feels a tremendous pressure to occupy her son’s every moment, to urgently get rid of his boredom and provide him with activities to quell his what’s next? plea.

The Importance of Being Bored in a Digital Age

Thrive Global

By Alec Sears

It seems that boredom has nearly reached extinction. With digital devices always in hand, we are constantly connected to news, entertainment, and social interaction without having to make extra time in our schedules. This ability to easily absorb stimulation has left us with a hypersensitivity to empty time—driving us to fill every moment with something in a desperate attempt to avoid the profound discomfort of boredom.

6 scientific benefits of being bored


By Rachel Gillett

"I'm bored!"

Never will you hear more exasperation in a child's voice than when they utter these words.

When we were kids, the very thought of being bored seemed insufferable.

But now, as adults, we've got so much going on in our lives — so many distractions, responsibilities, and technology at our fingertips to amuse ourselves with — that boredom just doesn't seem like an option anymore.

The Surprising Benefits of Boredom

Psychology Today

By Neel Burton M.D.

The modern concept of boredom goes back to the 19th century. For Erich Fromm and other thinkers, boredom was a response to industrial society, in which people are required to engage in alienated labor, and to the erosion of traditional structures of meaning.

The Bliss of Boredom

Dr. David Greenfield

How many times have parents heard the oft said phrase, “I’m Bored” from their child? Well it seems boredom has gone the way of the typewriter, record player, and the dial telephone. Boredom is now a vestige of days gone by and is at risk of extinction.