4 Ways to BE

Here are our 4 BEs for being a little bit better at being you.

Be Aware: Be aware of the truth beneath the truth. Be aware of your priorities, what you enjoy, what you aspire to and how you can reach it in a healthy way.

Be Bored: You may have been told that boredom is for lazy people and productivity is a measure of success. But learning to disconnect from the stimulation around you will provide a canvas for creativity and new thinking.

Be Curious: We were told not to ask too many questions as kids. But being curious and constant learning will give you new insights into the world around you, the people you engage with, and ultimately yourself.

Be Together: You probably think you are more “connected” than ever, but superficial social connections with those you hardly know are interfering with the relationships that probably matter most. (Re)build relationships with those who are close, supportive and meaningful, and consider disconnecting from some of those who aren’t.